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How to Attend English one word substitution question in IBPS Exam

In questions relating to one word substitution and phrase substitution, a sentence is given with a part of it made bold. This part may or may not fountain some errors. Below the sentences are given with four possible substitutions for this part.

The candidate is required to select the phrase that best substitutes the bold part of the sentence, thereby making the sentence. Grammatically correct, if you find no error in the bold of the sentence, mark your answer as (5).

How to solve one word phrase substitution question-  

in most of the Bank PO, Bank Clerk examinations the question paper of English, contains five or ten question relating to phrase substitution in such question, a sentence is given in which a part of the sentence is incorrect, such incorrect part is to be replaced by the other phrase, out of the choices given so that the given sentences become grammatically correct.

 In such sentence, there is some grammatically error like wrong use of verb in the phrase or some other kind of error, such error to be detected and replaced with the correct option. Remember that there is no shortcut of attempting these questions correctly. Rules of various grammatical concepts, nations, including conditional sentences, phrased verb, idiomatic expressions, prepositions, conjunctions and their proper usage will be at much help in solving such questions correctly.

*Article source – Arihant books

1. Although he was seen with a drug-peddler, he is not necessarily himself a drug- peddler.
(i) It is not necessary that he himself a drug- peddler
(ii) It is not necessary to be drug- peddler himself
(iii) He was not necessary to be a drug- peddler himself
(iv) He is not necessarily a drug- peddler himself
(v) No Correction required

2. Optimism coupled with faith in and hopes of future is the key to progress.
(i) Faithfulness in and hopes of
(ii) Faith with and helping of
(iii) Faith in and helping of
(iv) Faith and hope of
(v) No Correction required

3. We have already identified areas where landslides are possible and start evacuation of residents to safer locations.
(i) Storting evacuation
(ii) Storted evacuation
(iii) have started evacuate
(iv) starts evacuating
(v) No Correction required

4. The law that now stands abolished was a flawed and discriminatory peace of legistation.
(i) flaw and discrimination of peace of
(ii) flawed and discriminating peace for
(iii) flawing and discriminating peace of
(iv) flawed and discriminatory piece of
(v) No Correction required

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