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How To Findout Logical Relations in Cloze Test question

What is Cloze Test?

A cloze test is usually a passage with some blank spaces and candidates are required to fill in the blank with a suitable word of given options. The purpose of this test is to judge the grammatically and vocabulary knowledge and common sense of the candidates. IBPS PO and SO requirements exams some of questions ask in this topic. So we have to much practice in this types question to solve easily.

How to Attempt and solve cloze test questions in exam?

Bank exams like IBPS Bank PO or IBPS SO, some cloze test related question may be asked in this topic and this is a high scoring part of English language. Candidates must have good knowledge of grammar rules and vocabulary to solve the cloze test question. Candidate must read first whole passage before starting to answer the question and follow some tips and tricks.

1. Read the whole passage and understand what it is about.

2. Found logical relation in the sentence together be carefully

3. Eliminate unnecessary word for provided options.

5. Use frequently word

Directions: - In the following passage, there are blanks, each which has been numbered. These number are printed below the passage and against each number five words are suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find the appropriate words in each case.

Without doubt there is the thing (1) to all of us we have played a some of sometime in our lives. Most of us played to relax or have fun, but for many playing a game or sport is a way to (2) poverty behind. Infect, in many African countries, playing a sport professionally can (3) the lives of a person’s entire family. For example, in the small town of deco, in Ethiopia (4) than a hundred of dawn everyday each of these youth is (5) and serious and their coach is (6) that one of them will be a word champion. This seems like an idle (7) but it is virtually a guarantee in this small community (8) mainly farmers. Many of the fastest male and female distance runner in the world hail from this small town.

1. (1) accepted
    (2) Common
    (3) Alike
    (4) Similar
    (5) Popular

2. (1) all aviate
    (2) Forget
    (3) Prevent
    (4) Reduce
    (5) Leave 

3. (1) changes
    (2) Arrange
    (3) Control
    (4) Transform
    (5) Shift

4. (1) further
    (2) More
    (3) Greater
    (4) Over
    (5) Larger

5. (1) Concentrated
    (2) Rival
    (3) Focused
    (4) Playful
    (5) Performed

6. (1) convince
    (2) Optimist
    (3) Intended
    (4) Privilege
    (5) Confident

7. (1) boast
    (2) Suspicion
    (3) Risk
   (4) Worship
   (5) Precaution

8. (1) existing
    (2) That
    (3) Comprising
    (4) Consisting
    (5) For

Answers – 1. (2), 2. (5), 3. (4), 4. (2), 5. (3), 6. (5), 7. (1), 8. (2)  

How to solve cloze test question watch this video Tricks for cloze test

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