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How to use Indefinite Articles- “A / An” for IBPS Exam.

Correct use of “A / An” Important Rules.

Article ‘A’ or ‘An’ is used before a singular noun. The choice between A or An is determined by first sound of pronunciation. The letter of alphabet ever it may be A, E, I, O, U of the noun. if it is pronounced with vowel sound use ‘An’ otherwise ‘A’.

1. He is an honest man.

2. He is an African.

3. He is an MLA.

4. He is an SDO.

The following words and the use of ‘a’ or ‘an’ before them, student generally make mistake using A or An before their words.

1. An hour.

2. An hourly meeting.

3. A one rupee note.

4. A house.

5. A year.

6. A useful book.

7. An heir.

8. A uniform.

9. An honour.

10. An honest man.

Examples of Indefinite Articles – A / An

1. I bought a book.

2. She has an umbrella.

3. I saw a boy.

4. There was a king.

5. She was an innocent lady.

6. He is an honest boy.

7. Ram is a very sincere student.

8. She gave me such a good book.

9. I have never seen such a beautiful sight.

10. I have never seen so beautiful a sight. 

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