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How to Improve English Reading Comprehensions Skill for bank exam simple solutions

In all IBPS PO and Clark examinations the question paper of English contains one, two or three comprehensions candidate required to answer questions based in the comprehensions usually the questions are objective type candidate is required to mark the correct answer. Generally the candidates feel that the time is too short to answer all the questions based on comprehensions and every candidate mind is How to solve/attempt Reading comprehension passage questions fast. I may give some tips to achieve success in exam. So here are some reading comprehension strategies to follow and get more marks in bank examination.

How to solve/Attempt Comprehensions questions answer in bank exam?

A comprehension measures your ability to read and understand the written passage. Through the comprehensions exercise you are asked to answer question about the passage.
In answering the question based on reading the passage. It is important that your answer should be based upon the information given in the passage. Your common sense knowledge and presumption should not be taken into account while answering the question. If you have information from your own experience and knowledge, you should not use it to answer any question even if you think that is some mistake in any paragraph of the comprehension you must still answer the question on the information given in the passage.
Important Techniques and Tricks

Use your pencil as a pointer while reading – to begin with use pencil as a pointer using the pencil to guide your eyes along a line of text helps you to focus the given details in the reading it holds you attention to the precise words in the given passage. In a long test, attention may weaken. Fatigue may blunt your attention to details. But using your pencil as a pointer will help you to preserve your information attention to details.

Increase your reading speed - Another benefit of using the pencil as a pointer is that it will probably speed up your reading. The steady flow of the pencil across the page with each line of text draws the eyes along of a steady pace. Do not go faster than you can grasp the text but do try to keep your reading going of a study pace set by the pencil.
Mark the key word – you are not reading for just a vague general understanding of the passage. You usually have to read for detailed understanding. There will be individual word which is important for grasping a point exactly. Circling key word or phrases which will enable you to zero in on precise points heeded to answer a question.
Keep forging – do not get bogged down if there is a word or sentence you do not understand you may get the main idea without knowing the individual word or sentence. Some time you can sense the meaning of the word from the context. Something the word or sentence may not be the basis of any question. If there is some idea you need to answer a question but you have more time of the end of the test.

Formation to an idea – good reading comprehension strategy is to read the question before starting the passage this does not mean to read the answer choices of this time by reading the question you will have an idea of what information you will need after reading the passage this may alert you to certain details ideas and specific area in the paragraph where the question are drawn from.

Knowledge of vocabulary –improve your vocabulary means knowledge of words. Reading the English newspapers, comics. Not the new words and revise periodically.

Right approach to answer the comprehension questions.
1. Question are to be answered on the basis of the information provided in the passage and you are not expected to rely on outside or opinions may some conflict with the views expressed or the information provided in the passage. Be sure that work within the context of the passage. You should not expect to agree with everything you encounter in reading passages.

2. You should analyses each passage carefully before answering the accompanying question. As with any kind of close and thoughtful reading, look explicit aspects of the passage try to separate main ideas from supporting ideas.

3. Note transitions from one idea to the next and examine the relationships among the different ideas or parts of the passage.  

4. Read each question carefully and be certain that you understand exactly what is being asked.

5. Always read all the answer choices before selecting the best answer.

6. The best answer is the one that mast completely answers the question being posed.

7. The methodology of eliminating wrong answer also works here. It simply means that if you are unable to judge the right choice or right answer, tick the answer that are incorrect in this way if there remains are answer to be ticked that will be the correct answer.

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