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English Grammar Synonyms and Antonyms Words list for Online Exam

Synonyms & Antonyms in English


Abase – Degrade, Disgrace, Humiliate, Demean, Dishonor

Abandon - Desert, Forsake, Leave, Relinquish, Quite, Vacate, Resign, Abdicate, Renounce, Give-up, Discontinue, Surrender, Wicked, Evil, Immoral, Deprived, withdraw, From, Cast aside.

Abhor- Hate, Detest, Loathe, Abominate, Dislike, Disrelish, Anathema, despise, Terse.

Abut – Adjoin, Border, Verge on, Join

Abstain – Refuse, Renounce, Avoid, Shun, Withhold, Forebear, Desist, Hold-back, Avoid

Abbreviate – Curtail, Condense, Abridge, Compress, Shorten, Cut, Reduce, Concise, Terse, Truncate

Aberration – Deviation, Wandering, Errant, Irregular

Abet – Aid, Assist, Condone, Favor, Support, Promote

Absurd– Ridiculous, Silly, Foolish, Preposterous

Abundant – Ample, Copious, Plentiful, Bountiful

Abate – Lessen, Subside, Allay, Decrease, Diminish, Recede, Alleviate, Dwindle, Reduce, Weaken, Cool, Quiet, Fade, Wane, Soothe, Restrict, Curtail, Blunt

Abash – Disconcert, Humiliate, Confound, confuse, Shame, Upset, Modesty

Able – Mighty, Learned, Dexterous, Skillful, Efficient, Adroit, Proficient, Competent, Clever, Capable, Good, Accomplished, Expert, Talented

Abolish – Repeal, Abrogate, Annual, Nullify, rescind, Expunge, Destroy, Eradicate, Extinguish, Supersede, Annihilate, End, Erase, Eliminate, Put out

Abject – Servile, Miserable, Degraded, Hopeless, Terrible, Vile, Deplorable

Abuse – Molestation, Annoyance, Oppression, Outrage, Mistreat, Harm, Scold, Malign, Reproach, Injure

Absolute – Unconditional, Unlimited, Unrestricted, Supreme, Independent, Unmixed, Perfect, Full, Certain, Thorough, Definite, Complete

Accommodate – Adept, Adjust, Reconcile

Acme – Summit, Apex, Zenith, Peak

Acclaim – Cheer, Applaud, Celebrate, Extol

Acknowledge – Recognize, Admit, Allow, Grant, Accede, Confess

Active – Lively, Busy, Enterprising, Animated, Prompt, Nimble, Brisk, Agile, Alert, Supple, Dexterous

Achievement – Fulfillment, Gaining, Earning, Accomplishment, Feat, Exploit, Attainment, Realization, Acquirement

Acclaim – Applause, Praise, Greet, Accost, Acclamation, Encomium, Address, Welcome

Acceptable – Agreeable, Suitable, Satisfactory, Adequate, Passable, Take, Confirm, Approve, Believe

Account – Value, Regard, Deem, Estimate

Accuracy – Precision, Preciseness, Exactitude, Truthful, Strict, Correct, Unerring

Accuse – Charge, Indict, Reproach, Blame, Inculpate, tax, Arraign, impeach, Cite, Upbraid, Slander, Sully

Admiration – Esteem, Praise, Respect, Approval, Approbation, Love, Excellent, Commendable, Adore, Esteem, Thank

Adherent – Sticking to, Follower, Partisan, Devotee

Affliction – Distress, Order, Suffering, Sorrow

Advance – Proceed, Further, Progress, Assign, Growth, Pass

Adversity – Misfortune, Hardship, Calamity, Poverty, Predicament, Hostility

Affable – Amiable, Genial, Polite, Gently, Civil, Accessible, Approachable

Agree – Consonance, Unanimity, Concord, Assent, Tally, Allay, Coincide

Agony – Suffering, Smart, Shoot, Dolour, Grief, Mental, Pain

Actual – Real, True, Factual, Genuine, Sure, Concrete, Existing, Authentic

Allure – Fascinate, Endear, Entice, Captivate, Inveigle, Tempt, Cajole

Ally – Colleague, Helper, Partner, Accomplice

Altogether – Entirely, Absolutely, Wholly, Completely, Conjointly

Alien – Foreigner, Unknown, Outlandish, New Comer, Outsider

Amuse – Gratify, Cheer, Gladden, Enliven

Amnesty – General, Pardon, Official, Remission, Acquittal, Condone

Ancient – Past, old, Aged, Timeworn, Primeval

Antagonism – Dissonance, Hostility, Enmity, Opposition, Discord, Spite, Resentment, Aversion

Apathy – Unconcerned, Unresponsiveness, Unmoved, Impassivity, Uninspired

Aid – Support, Befriend, Succour, Relief, Help, Abet, Serve, Promote, Expedite

Assail – Attack, Invade, Assault, Storm, Oppugn, Violate, Pounce

Assent – Comply, Consent, Grant, Agree, Permit, Concede, Accept

Assiduous – Industrious, Diligent, Dogged, Indefatigable

Attach – Combine, Conjoin, Link, Affix, Connect, Associate

Attack – invade, Encounter, Assault

Attract – Allure, Entice, Oppugn, Impugn, Violate, Assail, Storm

Auspicious – Favorable, Lucky, Seasonable, Encouraging

Authenticate – Verify, Prove, Substantiate

Avoidance – Abstience, Regression, Evasion, Elusion

Avert – Avoid, Escape, Unwilling, Uninterested

Aware – Cognizant, Privy, Alertness, Paying, Attention, Awake

Back – Retrograde, Retreat, Revert, Return

Backward – Reluctant, Averse, Loath, Abaft, Aback, Regressively, Sluggish, Tardy, Stolid

Balance – Compensate, Neutralise, Estimate, Poise, Equalise, Compare, Weigh

Bad – Noxious, Villanious, Immoral, Vile, Evil, Corrupt, Deterimental, Depraved



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