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Synonyms words list for competition exam by Ibpscompetitionexam.in

Barbaric – Savage, Uncivilized, Align, Primitive
Baleful – Deadly, Lethal, Fatal, Destructive, Harmful, Pestilential
Banal – Trivial, Lack, Ordinary, Dull, Uninteresting, Humdrum, Conventional
Bankrupt – Insolvent, Ruined, Indigent, Destitute, Penniless
Ban – Prohibition, Inhibition, Interdict, Embargo
Banish – Bar, Dismiss, Drop, Exclude, Dispel, Oust
Bargain – Deal, Transaction, Contract, Agreement, Covenant
Bear – Blossom, Generate, Yield, Maintain, Carry, Endure, Brook, Countenance
Behaviour – Demeanour, Deportment, Manner, Bearing, Comportment, Carriage, Conduct
Below – Beneath, Underneath, Under, Subordinate, Underfoot
Bewilder – Supplicate, Appeal, Implore, Crave, Entreat, Tempest, Gale
Bitter – Sour, Acid, Sharp, Harsh, Astringent, Acrimonious
Bigoted – Biased, Prejudiced, Dogmatic, Opinionated
Backlash – Intimidate, Bully, Frighten, Threaten
Bravo – Fearless, Intrepid, Dauntless, Valiant, Bold
Bedlam – pandemonium, Chaos, Mayhem, Clamor, Confusing
Brittle – Frail, Fragile, Hard but easily broken
Bewilder – Confound, Perplex, Befuddle, Befog, Daze
Bedlam – Pandemonium, Mayhem, Clamor, Confusion
Bigoted – Biased, Prejudiced, Dogmatic, Opinionated

Cajole – Persuade, Flatter, Wheedle, Coax
Care – Anxiety, Solicitude, Misgiving, Foreboding
Charlatan – Impostor, Quack, Chicane, Trickster
Conversant – Familiar, Well versed, Acquainted,
Condign – Due, Merited, Well deserved, Due
Complete – Conclude, Execute, Fulfill, Achieve, Finish, End realise, Perfect, Terminate, Consummate
Complex – Abstruse, Complicated, Intricate, Involved, confused
Compulsory – Necessary, Binding, Obligatory, Imperative
Common – Mean, Vulgar, Lewd, Low, Familiar, Customary, Ordinary
Companion – Ally, Helper, Paurrtner, Associate, Friend
Confidence – Consign, Depend, Rely, Intrust, Hope, certain, Bold, Sanguine
Confess – Admit, Aver, Allow, Own, Avow, Accept, Agree, Reveal
Confuse – Abash, Fluster, Mortify, Blend, Mix, Mingle, Disconcert, Mystify
Consume – Devour, Squander, Waste, Exhaust, Assimilate, Destroy, Spend
Correct – Amend, Redress, Improve, Rectify, Propriety, Mend
Courage – Pluck, Heroism, Val our, Mettle, Bravery, Nerve, Bordihood
Curious – Interest, Prying, Meddling, Inquistiveness
Confound- Anger, Annoy, Astonish, Astound, Bewilder, Condemn
Custodian – Advocate, Benefactor, Defender, Protector, Supporter, Upholder
Convene – Assemble, Call, Collect, Convoke, Muster, Summon
Culmination – Zenith, Apex, Climax, Top
Dainty – Refined, Elegant, Delicate, Fine, Fastidious, Nice, Pretty, Squeamish, Exquisite
Dark – Sable, Gloomy, Obscure, Dismal, Ebon
Deadly – Injurious, Highly, Fatal, Lethal, Noxious, Destructive
Decide – Resolve, Adjudicate, Conclude, Determine, Unshaken, Judgment
Debase – Degrade, Devalue, Demean, Disgrace, Reduce, Defame
Deceit – Fraud, Cheating, Forgery, Deception, Trickery, Double – dealing
Defiance – Protection, Safeguard, Resistance, Screen, Vindication, Earthwork
Demure – Palatable, Pleasant, savory, Toothsome, Delightful
Depart – Quit, Vanish, Leave, Go, Decamp, Reject, Remove
Deride – Scoff, Taunt, Mock, Gibe, Satirize, Make fun of
Despise – Abject, Base, Vile, Contemn, Loathe, Abhor
Damage – Loss, Harm, Injury, Detriment
Decay – Wither, Fade, Corrode, Decline
Dear – Expensive, Costly, Loved by somebody
Devoid – Empty, Lacking, Vacant, Destitute, Unprovided
De – Decay, Vanish, Wither, Harmful, Disadvantageous
Dignify – Elevate, Exault, Honor, Grave, Stately, August, Princely, Noble, Grandeur, Lustre, Solemnity
Diplomacy – Wary, Tactics, Stategy, Sagacious, Astute, Prudent
Distinct – Special, Separate, Clear, Audible, Definite, Decide, Remarkable
Docile – Gentle, Meek, Obedient, Tame, Yielding
Dispel – Banish, Disperse, Drive away, Remove, Scatter, Strew
Delectable – Agreeable, Delicious, Enjoyable, Luscious, Tasty
Disrupt – Break, Disorder, Rupture, Separate, Split
Despot – Autocrat, Emperor, Tyrant
Devour – Consume, Eat up, Gulp, Munch
Dogged – Inflexible, Obstinate, Stubborn, Tenacious

Eager – Willing, Favorable, Ardent, Zealous, Keen, Fervent, Impetuous, Enthusiastic
Effect – Perform, Execute, Complete, Efficiency, Active, Deft, Skillful, Proficient
Emancipation – Liberation, Release, Discharge, Deliver, free
Enchanted – Charm, Enamor, Rapt, Entrance, Captivate
Encounter – Face, Meet, Confront, Tussle, Battle, Clash, Conflict
Endless – Infinite, Countless, Boundless, Eternal, Ceaseless, Perpetual
Establish – Institute, Organize, Fix, Plant, Constitute, Secure
Elicit – Draw out, Discover
Emulate – Imitate, Rival
Exceptional – Anomalous, Unique, Extraordinary
Exigency – Emergency, Distress
Expert – skillful, Clever, Smart, Dexterous, Adroit, Adapt
Explain – Teach, Expound, Decipher, Unfold, Elucidate, Solve, Concealment
Extraordinary – Wonderful, Strange, Singular, Signal, Noticeable, Astonishing

Fascinate – charm, Enchant, Memorize, Bewitch
Fate – Lot, Destiny, End
Fatuous – Silly, Purposeless
Fight – Battle, Contention, Combat, Struggle, Conflict, Strife
Fecund – Prolific, Fertile, Fruitful, Luxuriant, Productive
Ferocious – savage, Barbaric, Fierce, Wild
Fortuitous – Precursor, Herald, Harbinger
Fatal – Deadly, Mortal, Lethal, Virulent
Fortitude – Strength, Firmness, Velour, Determination
Furbish – Polish, Spruce, Renovate
Flourish – Prosper, Rise, Grow, Progress, Thrive, Wave, Succeed
Forbid – Prohibit, Debar, disallow, Inhibit, Hinder, Restrain
Foot – Dupe, Trick, Hood-wink, Jest, Asinine, Cheat, Absurd, Injudicious
Fortunate – Providential, Auspicious, Lucky, Propitious, Successful, Riches
Forward – Accelerate, Hasten, Fuster, Quicken, Advance
Free – Emancipate, Exempt, Rescue, Deliver, Confined, Unshackled, Immune
Fundamental – Radical, Organic, Basic, Constitutional, Entire, Complete
Futile – Fruitiness, Useless, Vain, Unsuccessful, Abortive, Ineffectual
Fad – Affection, Craze, Fancy, Fashion, Mania, Whim
Fathomless – Abysmal, Bottomless, Deep, profound, Unknowable
Forlorn – Abandoned, Bereft, Lone, Lonesome, Lost
Foolhardiness – Carelessness, Foolery, Foolishness, Tomfoolery
Frustrate – Agitate, Baffle, Balk, Hinder, Stop, Tire
Flutter – Agitation, Confusion, Disturbance, Flurry, Tremor
Festal – Cheery, Convivial, Festive, Gay, Jolly, Jovial, Mirthful
Furtive – Clandestine, Covert, Secret, Sly

Gather – Collect, Muster, Cull, Assemble, Pick, Ream, Parade, Garner, Deduce, Deduce
Genial – Amiable, Affable, Cordial, Good-natured, Agreeable, Hearty
Gift – Donation, Grant, Gratuity, Legacy, Boon, Capacity, Talented, Intelligent
Gloomy – Dark, Dismal, Melancholy, Depressing, Dispiriting, Dusky, Shadowy, Lurid
God – Deity, Idol, Divinity, Lord, Creator, Image, Almighty, Pious, Saintly, Devout, Virtuous, Honest, Upright, Expert, Adroit, Competent
Grant – Concede, Confer, Give, Impart, Allot, Admit, Bestow, Yield, Allow
Great – Eminent, Exalted, Famed, Renowned, Bulky, Much, Excessive
Grim – Fierce, Harsh, Cruel, Ferocious, Threatening, Stern, Merciless
Grudge – Malice, Spite, Animosity, Resent, Rancor, Hatred, Bitterness
Guess – Fancy, Divine, Suppose, Imagine, Think, Conjecture



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