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IBPS Law Officer Study Notes and question paper free Download

1. Match the following
A.  Section 2(h)          (i) Agreement
B.  Section 2(e)          (ii) Promise
C.  Section 2(b)          (iii) Contract
D.  Section 2(g)          (iv) Void agreements
     A          B          C          D
(a) I          II          III         IV
(b) III        I          II          IV
(c) II          I          IV          III
(d) IV          III        I          II

2. After a proposal has been accepted and there is promise, can the promisor resile from the promise?
(a) yes
(b) No
(c) Depends
(d) Any of the above

3. Can there be an acceptance of an offer which has not come to the knowledge of the offeree?
(a) Yes
(b) No
(c) Depends
(d) Any of the above

4. An agreement without consideration is void under
(a) Sec. 25(1) of the contract Act
(b) Sec. 25(3) of the contract Act
(c) Sec. 25(2) of the contract Act
(d) None of the above clauses in sec. 25

5. The latin ferm “quid pro quo” refers to:
(a) Something in return
(b) Stranger to Consideration
(c) Something Sensible
(d) Something valuable

6. A promise to pay a time barred debt must be:
(a) Oral
(b) Written and signed
(c) Registered
(d) Written and registered

7. The term ‘Proposal’ used in the Indian contract Act is synonymous with the term
(a) Contract
(b) Offer
(c) Agreement
(d) None of these

8. Once possession is lost, right of lien of the unpaid seller is also lost. This statement is
(a) True
(b) Partly True
(c) False
(d) None of the above



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