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IBPS Marketing Officer Study Material and Study Notes Free Pdf

IBPS Marketing Officer Job Description and Job Profile

IBPS  Marketing Specialist Officer (CWE-6) Number of Post Details with Bank Name IBPS SO Exam Vacancy Post Details. SO Post Details according to Bank.

The marketing Officer is responsible for the all marketing and social media and networking activities of the Bank. The primary responsibility of marketing officer is usually around bringing more business to the bank and increase profit.

Prepare a cost-effective budget for advertising. In addition to this they also might be a part of the negotiation team.

Attend meeting with the production or manufacturing department and understand the details of the products and discuss strategies with them.

Monitor the impact of the marketing strategies adapted on the sales of the product.

IBPS Marketing Officer English language Question Paper & Study Material Pdf

English Language Important topics for Marketing Officer Exam- Reading Comprehension, Sentence Arrangement, Sentence Correction, Fill in the Blanks, Idioms-Phrases, Synonym-Antonyms, Word Substitution, Cloze Test, Best Books for English Preparetion.

IBPS Marketing Officer questions and study material Notes
IBPS Specialist officer online registration process in still running for the various posts as an Agricultural field officer, Rajbhasha Adhikari, Law officer and HR Officer, marketing officer. You should check of the syllabus. These articles We provide some useful study material and question answer for IBPS marketing officer Exam Preparation.

1. Aggressive Marketing is necessitated due to.
(1) Globalization (2) increased competition  (3) increased production  (4) increased job opportunities  (5) All of these

2. The sole aim of marketing is to-
(1) Increase sales (2) increase the number of employees (3) increase profits (4) increase production (5) All of these

3. SME mean
(1) Selling and marketing Establishment (2) Selling and managing Employee (3) Sales and Marketing Employee        (4) Small and Medium Enterprises (5) None of these

4. Online Marketing is the function of which of the following
(1) Purchase section (2) production Department (3) IT Department (4) Design Section  (5) A collective function of all staff

5. Cross-selling is a basic function of
(1) All employers  (2) All Clients  (3) All salespersons (4) planning Department  (5) All of the above

6. The Coca Cola organization is an official sponsor of the Olympics. The firm is engaged in
(1) Place marketing  (2) Event marketing  (3) Person marketing  (4) Organization marketing  (5) None of these

7. The best advertisement is
(1) Glow sigh boards  (2) On the internet  (3) TV media  (4) Print media  (5) A satisfied Customer

8. Credit cards are used for
(1) Cash withdrawals  (2) Purchase of air tickets  (3) Purchase of consumable items from retail outlets  (4) all of these  (5) None of these

9. The major advantage of survey research is its-
(1) Simplicity  (2) Structure  (3) Organization  (4) flexibility  (5) All of these

10. Sales promotion involves, the incorrect option
(1) Building product awareness (2) Creating interest (3) Providing intonation (4) Designing a new product  (5) None of these

Best Books For IBPS Marketing Officer exam
Horticultural Marketing: A Resource and Training Manual Forextension officers/Fao 01 Edition  (English, Hardcover, FAO)


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