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IBPS Specialist Officer (IT) Study Material+Notes Free Download Pdf

Download IBPS IT Professional Knowledge Study Notes & Syllabus | IT Officer Scale-2 Professional knowledge question answer | IBPS IT Officer Books and E-Books Free Download Pdf In Hindi And English.

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IT Officer Scale 2 Professional knowledge questions Answer

1. Which of the Protocols below is used for sending email?
(1) FTP  (2) SMTP  (3) TCP/IP  (4) HTTP

2. Which of the following is NOT a feature of a word processor?
(1) Borders and shading (2) Mail Merge and letter assistant (3) Macros  (4) Sending email

3. An internal modem is usually connected to a computer via a(an)
(A) PCI slot  (2) AGP slot  (3) USB port  (4) PCI Express slot

4. Which of the following give a list of memories in increasing order (slow to fast) of speed access?
(1) RAM, Hard Disk, L1 Cache, L2 Cache
(2) L1 Cache, RAM, Hard Disk, L2 Cache
(3) Hard Disk, RAM, L2 Cache, L1 Cache
(4) L1 Cache, L2 Cache, RAM, Hard Disk

5. Which of the following is NOT a function of the Operating System?
(1) Process management (2) Memory management (3) Disk management (4) Database management

6. Communication between computer is achieved by networking computers together using connecting devices and setting up of strict rules for communication to take place. These ‘rules’ are more appropriately termed as
(1) Protocols (2) Internet (3) Web (4) Browser

7. How many bits are there in a Kilobyte?
(1) 1024  (2) 1000  (3) 8024  (4) 8192

8. Which of the following is NOT a type of testing?
(1) Manual Testing with sample data (2) Testing sample data on the computer (3) Testing by a group of users (4) Sample Checking

9. Which of the following is NOT a 3rd generation programming language?
(1) ADA  (2) Assembly language  (3) FORTRAN  (4) Java

10. The omission of a semicolon at the end of a statement in C++ is an example of a ……………………….. error.
(1) loop  (2) direct  (3) calculation  (4) syntax

11. Which of the following is not an output device?
(1) Monitor  (2) Touchscreen  (3) printer  (4) Plotter

12. How is data represented inside the computer?
(1) Logical System  (2) Byte system  (3) Binary system  (4) Hexadecimal system

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