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IBPS Exam 2021 Clerk / SO/ PO Free Study Material Pdf. Question Paper.

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Directions (Questions 1 to 3) : Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow based on passage : 

Rabies is a disease transmitted to man and animals through the bite of a rabies-infected animal, most commonly by dogs. It is caused by a virus present in the saliva of the infected animal which gets deposited in the wound of the bite victim, multiplies and travels towards brain and spinal cord. If not treated, about half of such cases develop rabies. Symptoms of the disease start one to three months after the bite. Very few laboratory tests are available for the diagnosis of rabies in India. Precautionary measures include prompt washing of the dog bite wound with soap and water. The wound is also treated with cetavion: tincture of iodine or spirit.

1. Rabies can be transmitted from any animal to the other through open cuts and wounds.

     (A) Probably false (B) Definitely true (C) Definitely false (D) Probably true

2. The bite of rabies-infected animal to a healthy animal definitely results in spread of rabies.

     (A) Data inadequate (B) Probably true (C) Definitely true (D) Definitely false

3. The saliva of the house dogs should be periodically tested for the detection of rabies.

     (A) Definitely true (B) Data inadequate (C) Definitely false (D) Probably true

4. If 'BUS' is coded as `DWU' how will you code 'ROBS' ?

     (A) SPCD (B) TQCU (C) TQDU (D) SPDO

5. Simran told Rahul, "That girl is the youngest daughter of the brother-in-law of my friend's mother".How is that girl related to Simran's friend ?

     (A) Aunt (B) Cousin (C) Nephew (D) Niece

6. Mahesh walked 20 metres towards west, turned left and walked 20 metres, then he turned right and walked 20 metres and again turned right and walked 20 metres. Now, how far is Mahesh from his starting point ?

     (A) 60m (B) 80m (C) 90m (D) 40m

7. H, I, J, K, L, M and N are sitting in a circle facing at the centre. L is neighbour of H and K, N is not between M and J. M is to the immediate right of H. I is second to the left of N. Which of the following pairs has the second person sitting immediately to the left of the first person ?

     (A) KL  (B)MI (C) HL (D) LI

8. In a row of girls, Pinky is 11th from the left and Dinky is 13th  from right end. Seema, who is 2nd  to the right of Pinky and 4th to the left of Dinky. How many girls are there in the row ?

    (A) 27 (B) 29 (C) 28 (D) 30

9. From the pairs of words, you are to select the pair which is closely related in the same way as the words of the first pair.


  (A) Feather : Wing (B) Mercury : Liquid (C) Nitrogen : Oxygen (D) Lead : Pencil

10. Which one of the given responses would be a meaningful order of the following words ?

1. Wood 2. Book 3. Factory 4. Paper 5. Print

   (A) 2, 5, 1, 4, 3 (B) 3, 1, 4, 2, 5 (C) 4, 2, 3, 5, 1 (D) 1,3,4,5, 2

11. Which letter will replace the question mark (?) in the following design ?

     (A) P (B) Q  (C) R (D) 0

12. Supply the right letters for the Question Mark (?)

 XA, ?, DI, GO, JU

     (A) WE (B) AE (C) CE (D) VE

13. If ROME is written as MORE, then DARE will written as


14. Anil walked 10 km towards North. From there he turned back and walked 6 km towards South. Then he walked 3 kin towards East. How far was he from the starting point ?

    (A) 5 km. (B) 17 km. (C) 9 km. (D) 16 km.

15. Choose the odd one out from the given alternatives.

    (A) 12, 4 (B) 3, 13 (C) 10, 7 (D) 8, 8

16. Which letter will be 4th to the right of 9th letter from the right end in English alphabetical series ?          (A) V (B) G (C) X (D) D

17. Introducing Sunita, Nikita said, "She is the only daughter of my father's only daughter". How is Nikita related to Sunita?

    (A) Cousin (B) Niece (C) None of these (D) Aunt

18. In a school, there were five teachers, A and B were teaching Sanskrit and Maths X and B were teaching Maths and ; History. Y and A were teaching Hindi and Sanskrit. Z and B were teaching Geography and Spanish. Which of the following pair was teaching both Maths and History ?

      (A) A, B (B) Z,Y (C) B,Y (D) B,X

19. If 'rain' is 'water', `water' is 'road', `road' is 'cloud', 'cloud' is 'sky', 'sky' is `sea' and `sea' is 'path', were do Aeroplanes fly ?

(A) Cloud (B) Path (C) Road (D) Water

(A) Cloud (B) Path (C) Road (D) Water

20. Which one of the given responses would be a meaningful order of the following words ?

1. Seed   2. Plant   3. Flower  4. Fruit   5. Tree

(A) 2, 3, 4, 1, 5  (2) 1, 5, 4, 2, 3  (3) 1, 2, 5, 3, 4 (4) 1, 2, 3, 5, 4

21. A bag contains three types of coins 1 rupee coins, 50 p coins and 25 p coins totally 175 coins. If the total value of the coins of each kind be the same, the total amount in the bag is-

(A)  26 (B)  75 (C) None of these/ (D) 39

22. The radii of two cones are in the ratio 2 : 1 and their volumes are equal. Find the ratio of their heights.

(A) : 1 (B) 1 : 8 (C) 1 : 4 (D) 4 : 1

23. Select an appropriate number to replace the question mark (?)










(A) 16  (B) 22  (C) 18  (D) 14



(A) 26.35 (B) 26.5 (C) 2.65 (D) 1.45

25. Find the average of all the prime numbers between 60 and 90

(A) 74.00 (B) 76.22 (C) 72.55 (D) 74.71

26. If cost of 24 oranges is 72, then find out the cost of 120 oranges.

(A) 360  (B) 182  (C) 580  (D) 190

27. 30% of A's salary is equal to 20% of 3/5th of B's salary. If B's salary is 2,400, then what is A's salary? (A) 960 (B) 2,060 (C) None of these/ (D) 1,010

28. Asmita invests an amount of 9,534 at 4% p.a. to obtain a total amount of 11,442 on simple interest after a certain period. For how many years did she invest the amount to obtain the total sum ?

(A) 6 years (B) 8 years (C) 5 years (D) 9 years

29. A sum of 12,000 deposited at compound interest becomes double after 5 years. After 20 years it will become.

(A) 1,96,000 (B) 1,92,000 (C) 1,44,000 (D) 1,40,000

30. The perimeter of a rectangular field is 480 m and the ratio between the length and the breadth is 5 : 3. The area is

(A) 15501 sq.m. (B) 13500 sq.m. (C) None of these/ (D) 13501 sq.m.

31. One litre of water is evaporated from 6 litres of a solution containing 4% of sugar. The percentage of sugar in the remaining solution is-

(A) 4.8% (B) 5.8% (C)1.8 % (D) 3.8%

32. A dishonest shopkeeper professes to sell potatoes at the cost price, but he weighs 950 g, instead of 1 kg. What is the percentage of profit ?

(A) 6.66% (B) 5.26% (C) 6.06% (D) 5.44%

33. By selling an article, Mahesh earned a profit equal to one-fourth of the price he bought it. If he sold it for 375, what was the cost price ?

(A) 360.43 (B) 300.00 (C) 281.85. (D) 312.56

34. 3120/26 + 13 x 30 =?

(A) 530 (B) 390 (C) 510 (D) 240

35. The dimensions of a cuboid are 7cm, 11cm and 13 cm. the total surface area is :

(A) 622 cm2  (B) 100 cm2  (C) 200cm2  (D) 3110 cm2

36. How much is 20% of 1/7 of 1540 ?

(A) 88 (B) 22 (C) None of these (D) 44

37.If 1 man or 2 women or 3 boys can do a piece of work in 44 days, then the same piece of work will be done by 1 man, 1 woman and 1 boy in-

(A)24 (B) 28 days(C) 34 days(D) 20 days

38. If the value of 21a + 21b = 1134, what is I the average of a and b ?

(A) 27 (B) 56 (C) None of these (D) 20

Directions (Questions 39 to 41) : Read the following information carefully to answer the given questions:

 A word and number arrangement machine when given an input line of words and numbers, rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement.

Input: goal 63 57 home five task 82 17

Step 1: 82 goal 63 57 home five task 17

Step II: 82 five goal 63 57 home task 17

Step III: 82 five 63 goal 57 home task 17

Step IV: 82 five 63 goal 57 home 17 task

And Step IV is the last output.

As per the rules followed in the above steps, find out in each of the following questions the appropriate step for the given input.

39. Input : host 15 32 page 43 over mother 92

Which of the following steps will be the last but one ?

(A) VI (B) VII (C) None ofthese (D) IV

40. Step II of an input is:

67 cat 12 25 dog fight man 42. Which of the following will be Step V ?

(A) 67 cat 42 dog 25 12 fight man (B) 67 cat 42 dog 12 25 fight man (C) None of these (D) 67 cat 42 dog 25 fight 12 man

41. Step III of an input is :

81 boat 73 wheel spike dancer 32 59. How many more steps are required to complete the rearrangement ?

(A) Four (B) Five (C) None of these (D) Three

42. In which district of Rajasthan Saharia tribe live ?

(A) Jhalawar (B)Bundi (C) Kota (D) Baran

43.Chhappan Ka Maidan' is situated at

(A) Between Pratapgarh Banswara (B) Between Banswara Kushalgarh (C) Between Chittorgarh Pratapgarh (D) Between Banswara Dungarpur

44. Match the following-

a. Harnmirayan (Book)---------1. Badar

b. Virmayan       (Book)---------2. Manchharam

c. Raghunath/Rupak (Book)---3. Bhandau Vyas


       A   B   C

(A)  2   1   3  

(B)  3   1   2

(C)  1   2   3  

(D)  3   2   1

45. When was Hanumangarh district formed from Ganganagar ?

(A) 18.04.96 (B) 18.04.95 (C) 12.07.94 (D) 01.08.94

46. Which of the following Kachhwaha ruler made Amer his Capital after defeating Meenas ?

(A) Jaisingh (B) Kokildev (C) Man Singh (D) Dulherai

47. Bench of 'Rajasthan High Court' is situated at which of the following place ?

(A) Ajmer (B) Jaipur (C) Jodhpur (D) Bikaner

48. The Battalion which revolted in Naseerabad in 1857 was

(A) 30th Bengal Native Infantry (B) Merwara Battalion (C) 1 5th Bengal Native Infantry (D) Bombaylancers

49. In Rajasthan, which of the following dance is performed by only men ? (A) Kachchhi Ghodi (B) Terah Tali (C) Katthak (D) Ghumar

50.Which of the following pairs is incorrect ?

(A) Harshat Mata Temple Abhaneri, Dausa (B) Vibhishan Temple Kethun, Kota (C) Harsimath Temple Sikar (D) Arthuna Temple Barmer

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